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5 Essential Direct Mail Marketing Tips

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5 Essential Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Direct mail can be a very effective way of delivering a range of different content to your clients and prospects. It’s more labour intensive and costly than sending emails, but when done correctly it can feel more personal than email, have greater visual impact and can be a very cost effective channel for generating regular leads and enquiries.

  1. Target your audience carefully
    Direct mail campaigns can quickly become expensive as you increase volume so you need to think carefully about your target audience and tailor the messages in your direct mail accordingly. Segment your client/prospect base into ‘lookalikes’ to help streamline this approach

  2. Make it personal
    The more you know about your clients and prospects, the more you can build this knowledge into your direct mail. Including their name in the salutation is a given of course, but making the content personal to them (such as their age, circumstance and need) will boost responses

  3. Grab attention
    Remember the ‘AIDA’ model Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Your first job with a direct mail letter is to grab attention with a thoughtful and thought provoking headline. Your headline should pique interest in your audience to read on.

  4. Clear ‘Calls To Action’
    Once you’ve grabbed attention, piqued interest and created desire to solve the problem you’ve highlighted in your letter, you need to create a clear Call To Action. Clearly signpost what they should do next and how to get in touch perhaps include a QR code link to your website

  5. Be sure to follow up
    Don’t sit and wait for the phone to ring or your inbox to light up following a direct mailing. In order to get the most out of your investment, follow up the mailing with a phone call to check if there is further help you can offer. It will drastically increase your ROI.

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