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Air Academy

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Air Academy gives you access to London Institute of Banking and Finance-accredited training programmes covering a range of critical areas to help you enhance your knowledge and aid your continuous professional development.

Through our business-focused learning platform, which is underpinned by leading technology and knowledgeable experts, the Academy provides you with the highest quality advice, support and content to enable you and your business to go further.

10 years of professional development

How Air Academy helps you

Ten comprehensive modules

Ten comprehensive learning modules created by industry experts covering a range of critical areas


Fully accredited by the LIBF and aligned to the Equity Release Council’s Competency Framework

Bespoke e-learning platform

Interactive learning with our bespoke e-learning platform that works with you as you progress

An overview of our modules

The Industry

Gain a better understanding of the broader financial services industry in which the later life lending sector sits, the basic principles relating to the regulation of financial services, the work of trade bodies, think tanks and influencers, as well as the permission and qualification requirements for working in the later life lending sector.

The Market

Understand the nature of the later life lending market, both in a historical and modern context, along with the key market participants. Learn the role of the Equity Release Council in safely developing the market, how to challenge the key misconceptions held by consumers as well as how the demographics of the UK create a positive environment for later life lending.

The Client

Understand the needs of later life lending consumers and the nature of the adviser-client relationship. In addition, learn the particular significance of customer vulnerability and be able to respond to customers in vulnerable circumstances as well as the basic principles relating to State benefits and where to get more information.

Soft Skills

Understand the key soft skills required to be successful in the later life lending sector and be able to critically evaluate your own soft skills and consider any areas for further development.

The Later Life Lending Products

Understand and be able to explain the main later life lending products as well as how early repayment charges work. On top of that, finish with an awareness of the ancillary products that are recommended alongside later life lending solutions and understand the importance of good research.

The Later Life Lending Process

Understand the end-to-end journey for later life lending and how you can add value to client circumstances by employing best practices. As well, be able to explain the role of the adviser and other participants in the journey and understand how complaints arise, how they can be prevented, and the process to follow when you receive a complaint.

Later Life Lending in the Broader Context

Develop an understanding of the broader financial context within which later life lending operates, the importance of having a valid Will and the main requirements for a Will to be valid. In addition, understand the role played by powers of attorney and the processes involved in putting one in place, be aware of the basic principles of long-term care and the implications for property wealth, as well as basic principles of pension freedoms and the relevance to later life lending. And finally, understand how later life lending can play a role in Inheritance Tax planning, and the importance of seeking specialist assistance.

Building a Client Proposition

Understand the steps involved in building a client proposition and be able to explain the process by which leading companies currently operate within the later life lending sector. As well, learn the ‘marketing rules’ and be able to develop and implement your own marketing plan.

Client Vulnerability

Understand how to support vulnerable clients effectively and take away the practical advice to mitigate the associated risks. In dealing with older clients, it’s inevitable you’ll encounter issues causing vulnerability. These may be transient or long-term. This module has been written and built by leading field experts, in partnership with Comentis, and provides a detailed overview to ensure you’re not only able to spot more cases of possible vulnerability but also have the tools to act efficiently when you do.

Affordability in Later Life Lending

In the dynamic world of Later Life Lending a holistic approach to affordability is crucial. This module takes a comprehensive look at ensuring financial advisers are equipped to navigate this evolving landscape with expertise and confidence. It combines input from lenders, networks and accredited bodies to give a thorough understanding of the importance of affordability when engaging with later life lending products.

Best Adviser Support (Firm)

In a complex and fast-moving market, providing advisers with support to help them keep their finger on the pulse has been critical. Whether it’s latest products, updates in technology or adapting to regulatory change, lenders have had to constantly evolve their support. So who’s done this best?