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Air’s Recent Lender Temperature Check

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Air’s Recent Lender Temperature Check


Old faces maintain their lead whilst new challengers appear – Air releases H1 2022 ‘temperature check’ of equity release provider service levels

  • Over 250 advisers were asked to rate the performances of service providers they transacted business with in the later life lending market
  • Canada Life built on its previous lead, ranking top in all categories
  • Pure Retirement, Legal & General and Aviva were among the other top ranked providers


11th  October– Air, the leading later life services platform, has today announced the release of its ‘Temperature Check’ report focusing on several key service measures for equity release providers, as experienced by advisers.

The report which covers H1 2022 has been designed to give smaller advisers a collective voice for providing feedback on providers’ service levels and Air is using the results to work with providers to help improve service standards across the sector.

Over 250 smaller advisers, who accounted for 14% of all equity release business in H1 2022, rated providers they had used on five key service areas and three net promoter factors (see methodology below).

In this fifth iteration of the ‘Temperature Check’, Air has outlined the top three in each category.  For Overall Service, Canada Life (8.35) came first, followed closely by Pure Retirement (7.83) and Legal & General (7.77). The top three in each individual service category is as follows:

Ease of Application

(score out of 10)

Speed of Pre-offer Processing

(score out of 10)

Speed of Post-Offer Processing

(score out of 10)

Canada Life (9.21)

Canada Life (8.29)

Canada Life (7.95)

more2life (8.45)

Legal & General (7.92)

Legal & General (7.64)

Legal & General (8.31)

Pure Retirement (7.76)

Aviva /Pure Retirement (7.42)


(score out of 10)

Online Service

(score out of 10)

Response Time to Queries

(score out of 10)

Canada Life (8.24)

Canada Life (8.48)

Canada Life (8.14)

Pure Retirement (7.84)

Legal & General (8.03)

Pure Retirement (8.08)

Legal & General (7.70)

Pure Retirement (7.84)

Legal & General (7.55)


Canada Life (79.59%) also came out top in the Net Promoter Score Category followed by Pure Retirement (75.64%) and Legal & General (73.33%):


Would Recommend


Values my business


Goes the extra mile


Canada Life (87.64%)

Canada Life (80.90%)

Canada Life (70.22%)

Legal & General (83.45%)

Pure Retirement (77.88%)

Pure Retirement (68.27%)

Pure Retirement (80.77%)

Legal & General (75.86%)

Standard Life Home Finance (68.24%)

Canada Life has maintained a notable lead across all categories, moving up into the top of the rankings. In ‘Would Recommend’, Canada Life also improved its score.  

However, there are some notable changes across the categories with Pure Retirement in particular moving up into the top rankings.  Standard Life Home Finance which has been operating for under 12-months made its first appearance in the temperature check and managed to snap a top three position in “goes the extra mile” which bodes well for the future.

In this fifth iteration of the ‘Temperature Check’, Air has included the service provided legal firms, an essential part of the later life lending process. For Overall Service, Boyd Legal ranked top, scoring 7.77 out of 10. It was followed by Gilroy Steel (7.03) and Equilaw (6.68). Boyd Legal again came out on top in the Communication and Response Time categories, while Equilaw topped the category for Online Service. Out of all the categories, it was Online Service that produced the lowest scores for the legal firms.

The providers whose service levels were reviewed as part of this ‘Temperature Check’ were: Aviva, Canada Life, Legal & General, LV=, Just, One Family, more2life, Pure Retirement and Standard Life Home Finance. Air engages with each lender to provide feedback on the analysis and ensure the collective voice of the smaller advisers who use its services are heard.

Stuart Wilson, CEO at Air, commented:

“The fifth iteration of the Temperature Check arrives in the aftermath of a challenging economic period.  It is therefore heartening to see that many providers have risen to the occasion across several key adviser-focused services.  That said, there is always room for improvement as well as the need to fight to maintain service levels at the top of the table – especially in light of current volumes which suggest that 2022 will be a record year.

“For the first time we invited advisers to share feedback on service provided by legal firms operating within the sector. In providing not only conveyancing services but also independent legal advice, these firms are a vital cog in the later life lending machine, and it only felt natural to incorporate this assessment in our report.
We congratulate all the providers who ranked in the top three positions. Throughout the industry, average performance is on the up, and it’s undeniable that lenders are weathering the storm of shifting regulations and government restrictions to provide a slick and engaging service.

“However, a few providers have slipped slightly in a few of the performance categories, which may prompt some to consider how they use the feedback they have received to their best advantage. Our mission is to ensure every word of feedback is taken on board and channeled into making decisive improvements to elevate the experiences of advisers and ultimately customers.”


Over the last three years, the Air Temperature Check has used the responses from almost 1,200 advisers operating in the later life lending market to produce a snapshot of the market. This current cohort, who accounted for 14% of all equity release business in H1 2022, were asked to rate each lender they had used on five areas (communication, online service, pre/post offer processes and ease of application). Each respondent was also asked to provide lenders with a ‘net promoter’ score based on three criteria (would recommend, values my business and goes the extra mile). Lenders were then ranked and provided with star rates based on a scale. This data was then used to develop Air’s lender score card which it will continue to build on with each report.

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