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Are you joining the movement to evolve the later life lending industry?

Launching our new Comprehensive Conversations Manifesto to establish a new standard of consumer-focused service excellence in the later-lending market.

Our Manifesto underpins an ongoing movement using education and advanced technology to empower advisers, lenders, networks, and professionals to provide diverse consumer-focused options. 

After the FCA Consumer Duty and emerging product innovations for older borrowers, firms and providers are examining how to offer advice and products to consumers over 50. Our Comprehensive Conversations movement strives for an agreed benchmark, promoting an affordability-centric, product-agnostic approach in the later life lending market.

By signing our manifesto, you pledge to follow industry guidelines, present all options to customers, and enhance advice, products, and services when possible. Additionally, you may refer customers to alternative services for better outcomes based on their specific needs, preferences, and circumstances.

We’ve also created a Later Life Lexicon as part of the movement to guide you and your firms with clear definitions of all key terms in the market.

As we move forward, your engagement is crucial. We encourage you to read our Manifesto and Lexicon. If our vision resonates with you, please sign the Manifesto. We are excited to embark on this journey with you and value your membership immensely.

Join the movement

Air’s campaign was pulling into focus the future of the later life market, outlining the ambitions of both lenders and advisers, as well as the steps needed to get there. In doing so, advisers will be able to have more comprehensive conversations, resulting in their customers having better outcomes.

The Later Life Lexicon

A new language for later life, taking key messages to market.

The Later Life Lexicon represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the later life lending landscape. This lexicon serves as a vital guide, offering clear and concise definitions for key terms related to later life lending, mortgages, and associated products.

More than just a collection of words, it embodies a new language designed to align messages with the later life lending market. This initiative is part of a comprehensive conversations campaign, a movement that aspires to be a pivotal force in driving positive change and expanding advice propositions.

Further Resources

Personal, business-focused learning platform underpinned by leading technology and knowledgeable experts offering a range of LIBF-accredited modules.
Supports advisers in their advice process making considerations into affordability and product options prior to their full fact find.
Our latest version of WriteRoute, our Corporate Partner Endorsed WriteRoute, is endorsed by our corporate partners and aligned to network and industry standards as well as best practice checklists. This Corporate Partner Endorsed version includes more mandatory affordability and customer vulnerability completions, bringing these crucial focal points to the forefront of the advice process.
As the leading later life lending platform with the most integrations across the biggest lenders in the market, our members enjoy unrivalled support and access to products and the technology to optimise how they write business.

Best Adviser Support (Firm)

In a complex and fast-moving market, providing advisers with support to help them keep their finger on the pulse has been critical. Whether it’s latest products, updates in technology or adapting to regulatory change, lenders have had to constantly evolve their support. So who’s done this best?