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National Later Life Adviser Conference 2023

Navigating the road to better customer outcomes
Thursday, 29th June 2023, British Motor Museum

Air lives and breathes later life lending

with technology and expertise that helps you grow

As the platform for later life lending professionals, Air is here to help you navigate this new landscape of later life lending and deliver better customer outcomes to grow your business.

Our conference includes talks from subject matter experts, panel discussions, exhibitors and masterclasses, bringing you the latest regulatory insights, product developments and marketing innovations designed to accelerate your new business potential. 

And our support doesn’t stop there – from Air Club, to our Insights Hub, you can continue learning about the latest industry trends and access our cutting-edge technology and resources to help you expand your business.

Catch up on all conference talks and sessions below:

Plenary 1

Navigating the road to better customer outcomes

Plenary 2

In the driving seat? The consumer view of Consumer Duty

Plenary 3

Navigating the advice journey through turbulent times

Plenary 4

Avoiding the blind spots on customer vulnerability

Plenary 5

Mirror, signal, manoeuvre into the fast lane of Consumer Duty regulation

Masterclass 1

Introducing the introducers

Masterclass 2

Bridging the trust gap with marketing

Masterclass 3

Breaking down doors: Rewriting your internal story for business success

Masterclass 4

Is your marketing anti-social?
For more support in marketing your business, and to see our full range of Air Events, click below.

Our Conference Keynote Speaker

Perry McCarthy (The original Stig)
Perry shares stories and anecdotes from his vast experience from his time as an F1 driver and the original Stig. He’ll also be speaking in more detail around how he himself has navigated through difficult times and the learns to increase his performance and outshine the competition.

Video will be available after the conference

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Whats next for Air?

Get ready for the Air awards nominations opening on June 30th

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In a complex and fast-moving market, providing advisers with support to help them keep their finger on the pulse has been critical. Whether it’s latest products, updates in technology or adapting to regulatory change, lenders have had to constantly evolve their support. So who’s done this best?